Howard Marans MD: Trusted Shoulder Surgeons in Orange County

When people think of shoulder injuries, the elderly or athletes generally come to mind. Anyone can feel the effects of shoulder pain due to strain, repetitive motion, or sudden injury. The shoulder allows for a wide range of motion, making the joint more susceptible to injury.

Who is Dr Howard Marans?


Trusted Shoulder Surgeon

Most shoulder injuries are treatable with non-invasive methods. An Orange County trusted shoulder surgeon – like Dr. Howard Marans – will design the best treatment program to achieve the desired outcome.

Immediate Treatment

Seeking immediate treatment is the best way to ensure an optimal outcome for any shoulder problem. A trusted shoulder surgeon will begin with an accurate diagnosis to determine the cause of pain. The diagnosis will provide the basis for an individualized treatment. With any injury or ailment, specific warning signs, and symptoms will indicate the time is right to see a trusted shoulder surgeon.

  • Difficulty using the shoulder with the simplest of movements
  • Persistent pain that does not subside after a couple of days
  • Shoulder joint pain which may increase during times of rest or disrupt sleeping normal sleeping patterns
  • Bruising, redness, swelling, or sign of deformity in shoulder joint area
  • Inflammation, fever, or a feeling of heat when touched
  • Stiffness of joint

By seeking immediate medical treatment from a trusted shoulder surgeon, a person will be able to receive treatment to return to normal activities. If a shoulder injury goes untreated, further damage, and complications could delay recovery.

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